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The emptiness between realms, the floating isles of dreams, dead worlds, all possibilities and improbable outcomes. This is the setting where Outer Existence takes place. It’s a sanctuary and damnation for lost, mistreated and departed. A barren land, where nothing lives naturally and what no creature can call home.

But sometimes strange occurrances bring beings from other planes to this one, without their direct consent. Some are taken directly by a mist, an entity that feels almost selfaware, but which motives remain unknown.

They will find themselves in a small patch of land that is deadly grey and surrounded by darkness. There is no path to lead them on at first. But those brave enough to try moving on will notice the ground shaping before their feet, each step revealing something new.

Everyone will have their own views of how the world should work and all those views have influenced this place. Landscapes that you bring to life might seem familiar, but with closer inspection you realize them to be warped. It was not you who imagined those ruins, or that strange metallic battleship. It was not you who brought forward the magic, that defies the rules and logic of your world. Someone else walked this way and left their mark. And now you add your own into the mix.

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