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Post by Mahtel on Mon May 16, 2016 3:00 pm

Please note that some changes or new rules might appear.

1. This forum uses English as main language.

2. Post your character's information to correct section before starting to rp with it.

3. Rp post must be written in full sentences, in a story like style.

Like this:
The woman glanced around and raised her voice to call into the darkness. "Is anyone out there?" Her timid voice echoed. Nothing answered back.

Not like this:
*calls out* Is someone out there. *no answer*

4. Rp will go in turns. If someone has not answered in one week their turn will automatically go to the next person. If you wish to skip your turn, make a note of this.

5. If you need to add something to your previous post then edit it, don't post new reply.

6. Use (your text here) for off-game comments, but please don't go spamming with them.

7. Do not highjack toons that are not yours! You cannot rp or move other player's character in any way in your own post. You cannot even assume what they might do or react, the players will do that themselves.

8. No metagaming!

9. You can have multible toons at the same time, but you must always rp with other players. No filling forum with your personal fantasies of oc meetings. Your characters can meet, but have at least one toon that is not yours charing the scene.

10. In PvP situations you can use all your characters skills and knowledge to battle, but you can only TRY to do something to your fellow player and they will decide if the action is succesful or not. Drama dictates what will happen. If dice is needed to decide something there will be a off-game note about it.

11. Use common sense and remember to be polite to your fellow players.

12. NPCs can be added/used/moved by everyone at will, unless told otherwise.

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